Using Article Marketing to Increase SEO

Increasing Your Traffic with Articles

Article marketing is a popular and effective way to increase a site’s SEO. However, it only works when done correctly.

Article marketing is exactly what it sounds like, marketing a site with articles. However, creating an article for marketing can be more difficult than it appears at first glance. One should make sure that the article is well written and that it is handled correctly. Article marketing, in general, is helpful in reaching a larger audience, but the goal is to increase SEO as well. Important factors to consider are the title, the body, the resource box, and where to submit articles upon completion.

Crafting a Title

By far, the title is the most important piece of the puzzle. It will not matter how good the article is if no one reads it. The title should reach out and grab the reader’s attention.

When designing titles, make sure that the gist of the article is contained within the first couple of words. For example, one would want to use a title of “Battling Foreclosure: Ten Tips to Success” rather than the title “Ten Tips for Battling Foreclosure”. One wants the topic to be the main front of the title, and then one can follow with more specifics or flare.

It is also important that the title accurately describe the article. It may be helpful to write the article first and then assign a title. Because this is such an important part of article marketing, it is important that one delivers what one says they are going to deliver. People will associate how well one measures up with something as simple as this, and one wants to measure up to their expectations.

Body of the Article

It is important to keep in mind that one is writing for the web. This is a somewhat different experience for writing something that will be published in print, and one should adapt accordingly.

Use the inverted pyramid for all web articles. If one is not familiar with this concept, then one should definitely read up about it. In short, the inverted pyramid is putting all the juicy tidbits at the top and following with explanation.

It is also important that one breaks the text into sections and use headers. This will help the reader find exactly what they want within the article, and it will give the article a professional feel. This will make readers associate good customer service and professionalism with the work and the site.

Using the Resource Box

Here is where one gets to deliver a pitch to sell the site. It should contain one’s name, website address, and the sales pitch. The sales pitch should be short, sweet, and to the point. Tell them what one has to offer as briefly as possible. Then end with a call to action, like readers should shop at the site, join the site, or whatever else one is trying to persuade readers to do.

Article Submission

Like link directories, there are a numerous amount of article directories where one can submit articles. Popular sites are EzineArticles and IdeaMarketers. One can submit to any directory that has appeal. Where one submits is not as important as the quality of one’s article. The article quality is what is going to get one on the search results and help one to improve SEO.


Article Marketing Challenge

Quality v. Quantity and Other Suppositions of Standard Motivation

Generating traffic and profit using article marketing is a time-consuming process, but with some dedication and commitment, you can learn the process in a short.

Isn’t it impossible to write 100 articles in 100 days and provide quality? No. In a word, it isn’t impossible. Using standard prototypes, templates and structured writing habits anyone can write 100 articles I00 days.

Article Generation is Definitely NOT Easy

No matter the topic, from how to watch cartoons with teenagers to how to network on Twitter, the process won’t be easy, but it is doable. Chatting up content offers preliminary steps to article marketing. The challenge brings up concept and content generated with easy communicational style results in a winning proposition. Just get it done.

Niche Specific Content and Motivation Moves Traffic

Creating articles and their proper marketing is driving traffic from the start. By relating content to specific niche interests, traffic motivation becomes targeted and defined. Growing an article marketing campaign within a specific niche means topic generation and special interest development. Research? Never. Or maybe?

Risk it all and do some research. Review the topic and find other articles relevant to the topic. Look them over, read them, and outline a cause within the topic of interest. By the end of the outline, a concept of what drives traffic within that niche and how to write an article to generate traffic and ideas will be obvious.

Include Network Generated Interest and Venture Volume

Invite others to participate in the project by including Twitter and Facebook networks, adding contests and challenges to bring others into the project. The challenge must be a shared event, including contests, rewards and benefits for everyone involved. Include a purpose for the contest and invest some capital in an option to support a needy cause. Consider writing for a cause while marketing an internet business or concept. Motivation often drives larger networks of people toward a specific target with greater speed.

Make Article Marketing Viral with Free Gifts

The more people participating in an article marketing project and contest, the more viral the project will be. Viral results drive more traffic, increasing the results from challenges and contests by sending out free articles and gifts to other sites that drive increased traffic to the original project site. Offer up details and suggestions that bring benefits to everyone.

· Prove not only the ability to generate content and meet the challenge but also the concept of marketing a specific niche product.

· Generate tons of content for the niche and drive traffic to the site.

· Increase credibility and recognition for a specific niche or interest with valuable content.

· Prove expert knowledge in a given field of interest with quality documents published on reliable content sites.

· Dramatically increase visibility with viral articles that market business links, products and services online.

· Create a new habit that will last long after the challenge is past and keeps business tooting along at recession busting rates that mean high profitability.

Shorter articles are accepted at various article marketing sites online, including and as well as many others. Many of these offer the option of including links and references to other sites in the resource box of a well-written article.

Article Marketing Results in Profit Generating Targeted Traffic

Whether success in the challenge happens or not, the result of an all-out effort to generate massive numbers of promotional and marketing articles filled with content for website developers and various article marketing sites means targeted traffic and high-quality content for the Internet. The benefits of article marketing are renowned, while the results are tabulated in dollars and good sense.