Businessmen style: Long Leather Coats for Men

When you want to do a complete wardrobe makeover, all you have to do is pick a brand new long trench coat that kisses your knee, is double buttoned and smart collar work done on it. Leather wears have some magical feel which completes your wardrobe and one new addition will give a new meaning to your current wardrobe. Long trench coats have existed from ages of black and white movies and are still doing extremely well in retaining their places in Hollywood flicks and myriad closets. Yes, they have undergone a huge alteration over the years and each change has made them look prettier and alluring. We take you down the memory lane of trench coats.

About Coat:

The coat is typically clothing that is long (usually up to the knee), full-sleeved, buttons or zippers or all both for closing, belts, collars, and shoulder straps. Made out of thick materials it is used to protect against cold and pass off as an over cost for any formal occasion. It was introduced to the world by Persia, which also initiated trousers in human history. Over the years coats have come a long way from being only a tailor a frock coat to now more modish and stylish trench coats, dinner jackets, lounge jackets, and so on. The charm retains but forms change.


Coats have been popularized by most celebrities, just like any other form of clothing but it is leather coats that have made them loveable. Coats are churned out of various materials: drill cotton drill or poplin or wool gabardine or leather. However, the most sought-after material is leather in both men’s and women’s sections. Overcoats have a different charm that can make any dress or garment look sophisticated and chic.

Trench coat:

The word trench, which means gutter or drain may sound down market but has some interesting history behind it. It is a long knee-length raincoat, made of waterproof heavy drill cotton or wool gabardine or leather.


Its initiation is claimed by Burberry and Aquascutum at different points in time. It was initially introduced by the British army for the top-ranking officers who bought in the inclement and cruel weather for their countries. However, over the years when these officials got their coats home, after retirement, which gave ideas to many of the top designers to play around and give something more sophisticated and upmarket to their clients who did not mind to do some experiments and take their fashion statement to another level.


Over the years this trench coat has undergone numerous changes and has now become part of everyone’s wardrobe after top models and celebs have shown it off on various occasions.

A typical trench should be of knee kissing length, adorned with huge buttons and a smart chic belt. Usually, zippers do not suit this form of coat, but one who can carry it off well, there are no limitations whatsoever.

Long coat style:

Trench coats have kept alive the styling of long coats which go beyond your knee but are just above your ankle. Long coats are thrilling, smart and full of modish erudition. In women, they highlight and do justice to their curves, make them look stronger and more beautiful while in men it gives them a more serious look that makes them appealing and handsome. Also with long-styled coats, you can never go wrong at a professional or formal event. They look best in cotton drills and leather for cotton is soft and clean while leather is shiny, soft, and sophisticated. They look particularly enviable in black and brown colors.


Long trench coats go a long way in your stylish wardrobe and will always come to your aid when you are out of options.


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