Going to an important business meeting? Useful Men’s Fashion Tips

It is clear that men – as women – struggle with their style and fashion. I’ve noticed that more men are becoming jealous of all types of programming that Trinny and Susannah are mainly concentrating on counseling women – who want a piece of the action too! When you know how to be in good condition, it becomes an integral part of good feelings. Style can be learned and is actually very scientific! There are reasons and explanations of why certain things look good on you. It’s all about optical illusions. Unfortunately, because men do not want to be seen to be worrying about, in general, men do not seek advice as much as women, and therefore fashion tips for men remain lower than women. But I still want to look good so you will be relieved to know that help is at hand – Busting Diva offers men fashion tips


Some fashion tips for men include:


Although it can not be so extensive that the colors are important to you guys. Think about the colors that suit you, make your eyes sparkle when you wear certain colors? Do you look washed with any other? Or do dark colors make you look tired? Are you alright in soft and muted or brighter colors make the best of you? Does your closet full of blues tend to go for more brown and khaki green? We do color consultations for children too, so go armed with knowledge on how to buy in the future and know the basic characteristics of the colors to look for and how to put them together. If a suit and tie or more casual look for the rules are the same.

Body Shapes

If I have narrower shoulders than I care? Is your lower abdomen to tone? Do you have short legs? There are many tricks you can use to give the illusion of a different body shape, improve what we have and hide what I dislike. When looking for someone in your eye moves up and down (literally look someone up and down!) Unless it is stopped by a horizontal line and then I can go back and forth. So it makes sense to put the horizontal line where you want people to look or part of your body that you would like to look wider, rather than draw attention to the parts you do not want people to see, for example, a belt through a beer belly – much better to have some vertical lines touching the past. In addition, the vertical lines give the illusion of looking taller and give the impression that they are cut in half, for example, a dark jacket over a tee shirt or lightweight long scarf. The vertical lines can be created by the seams, zippers, a single line of buttons, ribbed sweater. Flaps up makes the shoulders look wider, while in turn raises and lowers his pants hanging down the legs look shorter. It is the subtlety in men’s fashion that counts, the cut of their jeans, the style of your watch, adjusting his shirt, shoes.


And what about his personality that comes through your clothes? If you are more sporty, outdoor activities, or dramatic, perhaps? And what about your lifestyle? How much time do you spend at work, playing sports, traveling? Your wardrobe should reflect that.


Let Quatty Wot guide you through the fashion tips.

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