Social Media Optimization 

Development, Education and Training

If you’re like most people you’re probably hearing a lot about “social media” and how if you’re not “tweeting, friending, or linking in,” you’re missing the proverbial “marketing boat.”  It’s true that social media is a terrific tool for promoting your business, but only if you have the time and the knowledge to put it to good use.

At Out-Source Communications, we take the guesswork out of the social media melee by offering our clients solid social media networking advice (including which social media networks will suit your individual business needs and which ones are a waste of your time). In addition, we offer our clients:

Social Media 101 – A primer for the web’s many social networking sites. Learn about the hottest sites, tools, and trends, and more importantly, how to leverage them to help market your business/organization/product.

Social Media Tools Training – How to actually integrate the web’s many social media sites with your organization’s overall marketing strategy and/or website. We’ll set-up the user profiles for you and teach you how to access and update them yourself.

Social Media Presence Building – We’ll set-up your social media accounts for you and provide the initial “push” to regularly update and maintain your accounts to give your business a solid presence in the social media world.